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Posterior Platform

Abacus® Lateral Spacer System

Flexible Offering, Calibrated Design


The Abacus® Lateral Spacer System is available in multiple sizes with a biconvex implant shape designed to provide conformance to patient anatomy/pathology.  The Abacus® Lateral Spacer System is intended to be introduced to the disc space via the lateral approach.


Optimal implant fit:

                  •  Eased implant insertion force, tapered nose

                  •  Optimal fit, biconvex implant design

                  •  Mitigate subsidence, increased implant contact area

                  •  Comprehensive implant size offering


Attributes of Abacus® Lateral Spacer System:

                  •  18 and 22mm width options; 0 and 10 degree lordotic options

                  •  Central graft chambers

                  •  PEEK construction; 4 tantalum markers

                  •  Pyramidal teeth

                  •  Individually sterile packed implants





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