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Posterior Platform

GraftMag® Graft Delivery System

The GraftMag® Graft Delivery System is designed to help surgeons deliver large and known quantities of bone graft more quickly and easily, while reducing in-vivo instrument passes along sensitive patient anatomy.  Fewer instrument passes may reduce the risk of injury.  The GraftMag® Graft Delivery System can be used for interbody fusion grafting procedures with any interbody device, pre- and post-implantation.  The GraftMag® Graft Delivery System is uniquely suited for use with Spine Wave’s Leva® Interbody Device, which is well known for accommodating large amounts of graft material.


Attributes of GraftMag® Graft Delivery System:

                  •  Allows surgeons to deliver bone graft efficiently, regardless of their implant choice

                  •  Reduces instrument passes in and out of the disc space

                  •  Eliminates funnel jamming

                  •  Allows surgeons to sweep bone graft to desired position post delivery







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