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Posterior Platform

Ni-Lock® Anterior Cervical Plate System

The Ni-Lock® Anterior Cervical Plate System is designed to provide stabilization as an adjunct to spinal fusion from C2-C7 through anterior screw fixation.


One-Step Locking Mechanism

The Nitinol Retention Clip is designed to spring directly over the screw once it has full purchase into the bone and plate to prevent back-out. This feature eliminates the need for any additional implants to secure the screws in place.


Secure Fixation

Screw types include self-drilling, self-tapping, fixed and variable angles. The Variable Screw and plate design allow for up to 22° of cranial-caudal angulation.


Attributes of the Ni-Lock® Anterior Cervical Plate System:

                  •  Nitinol Retention Clip eliminates the need for additional implants to secure screws in place

                  •  Instrumentation optimizes allowable angulation to provide proper locking

                  •  Large graft window and scalloped sides enable greater visualization of fusion

                  •  Secure fixation achieved through a wide variety of screw types and sizes



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