Posterior Platform

Spine Wave Products

Spine Wave is committed to developing and marketing high-quality, innovative medical devices for the treatment of spinal disorders.


• Posterior Platform

               − Velocity® Expandable Interbody Device

               – Leva® PX Interbody Device

               – Leva® PF Interbody Device

               – True Position® Pivoting Spacer System

               − StaXx® XD Expandable Device

               – StaXx® XD Ti Expandable Device

               − StaXx® IB Expandable Interbody Device


• Lateral Platform

               − XLR® II Access System

               − Velocity® L Expandable Interbody Device

               − Abacus® Lateral Spacer System

               − StaXx® XDL Expandable Device



• Thoracolumbar

               − Annex® Adjacent Level System

               − Sniper® Spine System

               − Sniper® XT Spine System

               − CapSure® PS3 Spine System


• Cervical

               − Ni-Lock® Anterior Cervical Plate System

               − Accent® Cervical Spacer System




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