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NuCore® Injectable Nucleus

The NuCore® Injectable Nucleus is designed to provide patients and surgeons with a minimally invasive surgical alternative for treating the early stages of Degenerative Disc Disease (DDD) and as an adjunct to microdiscectomy. The NuCore® Injectable Nucleus is an injectable, 100% synthetic recombinant protein hydrogel designed to mimic the natural nucleus and restore the spine’s natural biomechanics.

Attributes of the NuCore® Injectable Nucleus:

  • Injectable, in situ curing nuclear replacement
  • Designed to restore and maintain natural disc biomechanics
  • Mimics the stiffness and water content of the natural nucleus
  • Adheres to annulus and nucleus pulposus
  • Resistant to extrusion
  • Produces no measurable exotherm
Clinical investigations have been designed to demonstrate the potential benefits of the NuCore® Injectable Nucleus, which include pain relief and restoration of the spine’s biomechanics. Patient enrollment in clinical trials for the NuCore® Injectable Nucleus include patients in Switzerland, Germany, Australia and the United States.

The NuCore® Injectable Nucleus is an Investigational Device. Its use is limited to clinical investigation only.