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Posterior Platform

StaXx® XD Ti Expandable Device

In Situ Distraction, Minimal Retraction


The StaXx® XD Ti Expandable Device is an expandable PEEK spacer, with Titanium coated endplates, that allows for controlled in situ distraction in 1mm increments. The low-profile, expandable design allows for a significantly smaller working channel compared to a standard monolithic implant, which may result in less bone removal and nerve retraction. The device is designed to be expanded in situ to allow surgeons to more precisely restore proper biomechanics and balance, while accurately matching the patient’s anatomy.



                  •  Implant is made from PEEK-OPTIMA with 6% Barium Sulfate and includes

                     Tantalum markers

                  •  Endplates coated with plasma sprayed commercially pure titanium, maintaining

                     imaging properties of the implant


                  •  Teeth located on both superior and inferior endplates

                  •  Textured Titanium plasma coating increases surface area for bone-implant interface






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