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Posterior Platform

XLR® II Access System

Intraoperative Flexibility, Access Stability


The XLR® II is designed to provide intraoperative flexibility and stability resulting in less intraoperative retractor adjustment, potentially reducing operative time.  Intraoperative flexibility and stability is achieved through the sum of Lateral Access System design features:

                  •  Individual retractor member expansion for exposure in any anatomic plane

                  •  Integrated ring design increases retractor rigidity

                  •  Down sweeping toe action mitigates tissue creep


Attributes of XLR® II:

                  •  Integrated, 4 retraction member design

                  •  Aluminum frame and retraction members

                  •  Integrated dilator solution with directional stimulation capability

                  •  18mm starting inner diameter

                  •  30 degrees of toeing angle per retractor member

                  •  90-170mm retraction member lengths





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